I don`t know you but ..,
I think we can become better friends . ♥
HELLO. If you hover over the words on the left.
You`ll never be able to see this again :)
I just wanna say, YOUR COOL ♥ .

Sunday, 27 February 2011 @ 21:46
threewishes and a procrastinator ♥
So the question ' what would you do if you had 3 wishes ' came into my head today.
The first thing I thought of was a machine that could control how much I weighed and how tall I could be and I can use it forever. ;D
The second thing is for the weather to be normal again.
My third wish was for world peace, but then again, I wanted to wish for money, I thought about it for 15seconds and decided money over world peace. I`m so nice 8)

I should be working on my rough draft of my english short story but I procrastinate too much -___-; but whatever, thats just me (: a procrastinator ♥