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Wednesday, 2 March 2011 @ 23:40
short story
In english class we had to write short stories, so mine was about how we (the group) stayed for the 30 hour famine and we all died in a special way.

Jay R - Jasper
Kim - Kelly
Jason - Jaycee
Nancy - Noel
Jessica - Jayani
Coco - Christina
Ace - Aron
Erica - Eliza
Adalynne ( In Hawaii )
Katie - Kallie

sorry I couldnt put anyone else in there :< too many characters.

The plot starts off with Jasper telling the group that he has to go to the washroom. Kelly makes fun of him about checking his hair, (cause you know, jay r likes to check his hair.) Jasper then goes into the washroom to check his hair and camwhore, he hears sounds of chains and walks up to the stall, the stall swings open and a long black hair girl who swings the chain around Jasper's neck and chokes him. (Obviously it's Jessica, CAUSE Jayani has long black hair.) The group hears him scream so they went to check, Noel and Ace stayed behind. They see that Jasper dies and gets scared so they run back to the gym to see everyone dead but Noel and Ace (thats cause Noel gave Eliza a pill that would make her fart out toxic gas silently.) Mysteriously theres a cake on a table and Jaycee gets hungry and takes a bit of it. (Jason likes to eat :}) He dies in the same position he took a bite out of the cake, Coco sees that theres a piece of paper in it saying '' Let's see you get out of this madness."
Ace takes out his phone to call the police but the connection got cut off, everyone checked their phones and it also had no connection. They go to the front door to see if they can get out of the school but it's locked according to Noel.

I`m getting lazy to explain so Kelly dies because of a bomb
Jessica dies while trying to kill Kallie ( Kallie dies too )
Ace dies cause Noel threw a knife at his heart
Noel and Coco had a fist fight but Coco won
Coco died because of the poisonous snake Noel put in the school as a trap.