I don`t know you but ..,
I think we can become better friends . ♥
HELLO. If you hover over the words on the left.
You`ll never be able to see this again :)
I just wanna say, YOUR COOL ♥ .

Wednesday, 13 July 2011 @ 22:58
don`t know where to start.. don`t wanna tell nobody too
just confused on what to do, act & say

I guess stress really gets to you when it builds up this high
never thought I would be the victim of my own game though
please just leave my life or make up your mind
because every time I see you I`m silently thinking, whats on your mind do I still cross your mind, probably not as much as I use to right ?
actually I'm the one to blame, I can't make up my own mind & I'm asking you to
just what the fuck am I thinking.