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Wednesday, 4 May 2011 @ 22:09
like no joke, I lied to you this morning sandy, I wasn't there for math in the morning because my self consciousness has been at the top lately. I didn't go to school till 2nd block cause I tried to find something that wouldn't make me look fat, but whatever I tried on, it made me look fat. I hate bryan and jacob .. calling me a fatass and fatty and saying shit like I eat every minute of the day, well hello smartass, if I was eating every minute of the day, you would've seen me eating when I was in the library that fucking day. Yeah I chose'd to ignore you guys cause I know it would make me feel like shit but really, it's kinda hard to when you ask me to jump, I don't say anything and you guys go like ' oh ahahahah you can't jump cause your too fat and you know you'll make a earthquake if you do' well fuck you -_-, you actually make an earthquake when you jump jacob. & you really have to stop acting so fucking cocky too bryan, because of you 2 fags, I stayed home worrying for almost an hour on what to wear. I swear I'm gonna turn anorexic soon cause of you guys -.- .