I don`t know you but ..,
I think we can become better friends . ♥
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I just wanna say, YOUR COOL ♥ .

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 @ 21:27
rant// what kind of friendship is this -
I guess I really want to talk to you about how you always bring up stuff from the past.
It's the past, get over it. Yeah we did something mean, but then again, you did it too, and way more then once. More like every since we got into high school. 3 fucking years girl, you used us as rebounds, back stabbed, lied and shit and we didn't complain and act depressed. It's not our fault you keep stuff in and hide it all with a smile, I do that too but to an extent. I don't know what goes in your head but you act like everything has to go your way or you`ll show the world how sad you are about it, you push people to do things they don't want to and when ONE thing goes wrong, you let out a fricken battle cry. Don't get me wrong, I love you a lot but you get on my fucking nerves a lot, you always bring up past fights and arguments to defend yourself to make you seem like the better person. Well no one is, your the one who brings shit into the group, you start stuff and won't end it sometimes. Just cause your family pisses you off, don't take it out on people at school.

this rant makes no sense whatsoever but screw this , and you.